Sunday, May 24, 2009

Not So Many Freebies This Weekend

So it looks as if the freebie Gods, or whoever is in charge of giving away promotional items, is taking a break this Labor Day weekend. There haven't been too many good offers since Friday. There still are some cool ways to earn free stuff & money online though. If you haven't checked this stuff out yet, give them a try! Every site in this post is a site that I have personally used, so I know that they pay, or send the freebies that they offer.

1. Surveyhead is a free online survey service. You can make money completing online surveys, sometimes the surveys are worth $1, I've made up to $6 for a single one. When you reach the cash out threshold ($25) you can request a payment and it will be sent to your paypal account. This is one of my favorites, I've made over $50 in the past couple of months with Surveyhead.

2.Inbox Dollars is a site where you can earn money online doing lots of different things, from reading e-mails to taking surveys and even accepting free offers. I've been using them for a few months & I've managed to make money without spending any.

3. Swagbucks, now I know I just posted about them yesterday, but I LOVE this search engine! It's so cool, they offer so many really cool free gifts just for using the search engine and doing the same things you're already doing anyway! Why not get rewarded?

4. Dollar Surveys will pay you $1 for each survey you complete. These dollars will deposited directly into your paypal account. Sometimes it can take up to a couple of weeks for all of your dollars to hit your account, but they will come! I've had money deposited in my paypal account by Dollar Surveys, so I know it works!! I realize that $1 isn't a ton of money, but over time those dollars really add up!

5. Nutritional Tree is a site where you review products & earn points which you can redeem for free samples. They have some pretty cool freebies, and they seem to add new ones pretty often. I've received some great samples by mail from Nutritional Tree. Creating an account is absolutely free.

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